Consultant advisory services

Our advisory team consists of able, efficient and highly qualified IT Security Professionals who can provide a strategic direction in Information Security, tactical monitoring and management of your asset inventory and disaster recovery.

Lost or stolen devices, malicious intruders, cyber-attacks…Every day a new threats arises. Be it from expected or unexpected sources the impact can be equally destructive and most of the times unrecoverable. Our highly efficient consultant advisory service has the technical expertise and vast IT security management experience required to address all or specific aspects to create a successful information security scenario in your business.


We focus on providing consulting and advisory services based on the specific security risks impacting your organization. Our team of robust security professionals start the consulting by analysing all available information and existing security architecture to decide on the current Security Maturity Model of your organization. We then devise the right security strategies based on your industry specific threats and vulnerabilities. Our consultants then work with you to mitigate the risks while moving your organization to a higher level of compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

Our consultant advisory services have helped many organizations achieve their desired level of stable and secure environments that are in compliance with security standards like PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, HITECH, FFIEC, FISMA, 201 CMR 17 and ISO/IEC 27001:2005. Using our proven SMM assessment methodology, vSecureLabs consultants assess and analyses risks to your business and bring forward the best and most cost effective security monitoring, mitigating, remediating, managing and reporting strategies to build a highly secure IT environment.