Elementary protection

November 14, 2020 Community, Security, Web Design

A hacker can configure a victim’s router in such a way that some or even the entire Internet traffic will pass through his server, and at the same time gain access to data or the home network itself. But for this tactic to bear fruit, the attacker must know the password to access the router’s settings. And here banal human laziness comes to his aid. Most users leave the default password and never change it. For hackers, who, of course, know the standard keys of all manufacturers, penetration into someone else’s network is much easier. That is, protection against such attacks is elementary: just change the standard password to your own, at least ten characters long. It should not be a meaningful word, but a random sequence of letters of different case, numbers and special characters. Write this code down on a piece of paper and attach it to the bottom cover of your router. As long as no one gets into your house, the password will be reliably protected