Leading Identity and Access Management (IAM) Products for 2021

February 12, 2021 Security

With the advent of modern technologies and solutions, security has become a prime concern. It has now become an easy task to hack an alpha-numerical password, increasing the need for Identity and Access Management (IAM) as a priority for organizations. Unprotected data or data not stored on a private server can be compromised and large-scale breaches can cause reputation damage, financial losses and, most importantly, exposure of sensitive clientele information.

Hence, it is important to add that extra layer of security to your business network. Through Identity and Access Management, organizations can keep a record of employee activity, moderate access to programs and applications thus denying unauthorized access and detect suspicious patterns, transactions and errors.

Changing the cyber security landscape, here are 6 leading Identity and Access Management Products of 2020.

Presenting features like:

  • User provisioning
  • Centralized access management
  • Password synchronization
  • Single sign-on
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Compliance control
  • Identity governance
  • Managed security
  • Access portal service
  • API gateway
  • Risk analytics
1IBMCloud IAM platform which is a SaaS-based product that works for on-premises, cloud and hybrid cloud architectures.
2AdaptiveA cleanly designed dashboard, to quickly identify failing integrations, potential threats and other issues that IT admins should quickly address.
3MicrosoftAzure IAM boasts thousands of premade, third-party application integrations that cover a range of business services.
4OracleA customizable user portal is great for businesses that want to offload simple tasks to end users through an easy-to-use self-service website.
5OktaOkta Threat Insight feature blacklists known malicious IP addresses that attempt to steal credentials, while rate limiting other sources to prevent distributed denial-of-service attacks
6SailpointIdentityIQ platform enables businesses to connect, on average, up to 99% of all current applications and data using simplified integration wizards and preconfigured workflows.

A secure, flexible, and adaptive Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution is necessary for your organization to improve employee’s productivity and boost their overall security features. Identity access management will continue to evolve in scope and scale. Are you a corporate and looking out for the perfect IAM solutions? A powerful IAM suite having a solid future roadmap is the key to organizational success. Visit https://www.vsecurelabs.co/ and identify, prevent and eliminate threats with our Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions.