Large volumes of information have led to an increase in the likelihood of leakage of confidential data. In this regard, today, a necessary attribute of every company is the availability of a modernized information security system. Traditional tools are no longer able to effectively counter modern cyber threats, and business protection requires complex solutions that ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. Oddly enough, however, the more perfect the threats becomes, the more tasks the information security units face:

  • Requirements of IT security standards – the need to comply with international standards to expand the scope of business.
  • Timely prevention of internal threats – prevention of unauthorized use of confidential data, abuse of privileged access
  • Protection of confidential information – prevention of modern threats created for the collection and invisible transmission of confidential information

In the field of information security, Vsecurelabs presents an integrated approach to solving problems of any complexity. Starting from the creation of processes for the information security management system and the implementation of security measures to maintenance and support, which in turn guarantees the high quality of the client’s tasks.


Information security services includes:

  • Information security audit: comprehensive audit, thematic audit and penetration testing.
  • Creation of systems to protect personal data, trade secrets and information.
  • Delivery of solutions for IT security.
  • Development of documentation in the field of information security.
  • Providing physical protection of facilities.

We cooperate with leading international security standards of software and hardware solutions in the field of information security which allows us to select solutions in strict accordance with the needs and constraints of the business.


  • Solutions for combating targeted (targeted) attacks.
  • Access control solutions (IDM, SSO and PIM solutions).
  • Solutions for event monitoring and incident management (SIEM systems).
  • Solutions for monitoring network vulnerabilities and security (VAS, IDS solutions).
  • Solutions for the protection of communication channels (VPN).
  • Solutions for network perimeter protection (IPS / IDS solutions, as well as UTM and NGFW / NGIPS solutions).
  • Solutions for the protection of mail systems.
  • Identity management solutions
  • Data protection solutions (DLP class systems).
  • Solutions for the management and security of mobile devices.
  • Database and Application Protection Solutions (WAF Solutions).


Our specialists are regularly certified by the developers of information security solutions.
Vsecurelabs Consulting offers services for solving key tasks in the field of ensuring the company’s information security, creating and implementing specialized systems for protecting information, data and IT security solutions.
We recommend starting complex IT projects with an information security audit This will allow obtaining an objective assessment of the state of existing systems and solutions, minimizing the risks of future projects.
Our engineering and technical personnel have the necessary competencies to solve information security problems at all levels of the client’s infrastructure, including at the level of engineering systems for data centers, including access management systems.


  • Integrity of information : Namely, protection from accidental or intentional impact (internal or external), failures in transmission between elements of the network infrastructure, leading to loss of information, protection from unauthorized creation or destruction of data
  • Confidentiality of information: Namely, providing access to resources of limited access only to certain users, comprehensive protection of confidential information from theft, alteration and destruction
  • Availability of information: Namely, unimpeded access for all authorized users to all resources allowed by them in accordance with the granted access rights

If you are interested in the implementation of the IT security and information protection system, please contact us and we will select the best solution for you.

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