Ensuring efficient IT security has become a necessity as cyberattacks have become highly sophisticated. We provide Managed Security Services where we take care of all your IT Security practices helping you in focusing more on your core business activities. Different from the traditional in-house IT security management, outsourcing your IT security sector to us will entrust your security into our hands and we will ensure a completely safe IT environment. We offer effective management and seamless monitoring of your IT assets, deliver reports depending on your requirements, all the while being cost-efficient.

Many enterprises toil to keep up with new malwares or fraud gambits like e-mail spoofing or phishing. Being a prominent player in providing Managed Security Services, we observe the growing need to combat such increasingly complicated and intended attacks. We specialize in offering Intelligent Security Services and Solutions that supports the enterprise, enabling ourselves to quickly identify and respond to any digital threat entity that could possibly affect any of your IT assets.

It is crucial to identify and monitor advancing security incidents, and to respond on those incidents in real time. Our Incident Management solutions offer advanced and efficient systems that collect and correlate different security incidents across your enterprise, transform the data into actionable alerts, generate efficient reports and comprehensible dashboard displays of statistics.

vSecureLabs offers security assessments which is effective in, defining and devising efficient business focused strategies that helps in security optimization and readiness of your IT assets. We help in assessing and identifying any possible security risks or threats in your IT environment and provide strategic solutions to secure your IT assets from any risks.

vSecureLabs has devised a security maturity model which is a methodology to define the IT security level of any organization. This model is a series of defined security standards to measure the current security architecture of an organization. The model describes a five-level evolutionary and systematic approach for an organization to reach a highly matured security level.

Based on the assessment of the current security level, your organization will be labelled an SMM 1 to SMM 5 level. Once assessed we can work together by implementing a more efficient and optimized security architecture in getting your IT security maturity towards a higher level.