Risk Mitigation and Remediation

How compliant is your Business Continuity program and how does it compare to others in the industry?

Our professional Risk Mitigation and Remediation team is specialized in providing secure and compatible solutions that will guide you in taking adequate steps in reducing any adverse risks within your organization. Our main objective is to mitigate the risks and ensure Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. We provide different strategic solutions that closely relates to and matches with your company’s profile.

We are one among the leaders in Business Continuity Management (BCM) Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) we will help you in balancing any risks by mitigating or remediating them. We have trained and skilled professionals in many of the prominent BCM and GRC tools available now.

Our Vulnerability Management Team are technically skilled professionals in various remediation techniques. We will help you to:

  • Identify all known risks
  • Minimize false positives
  • Remediate all vulnerabilities

We offer different solutions like scanning and reporting tools and trained personnel in Vulnerability Management who can constantly monitor your IT assets and secure them from any vulnerabilities.

The processes defined by vulnerability management team and related technology help organizations efficiently find and fix network security vulnerabilities. Systematic use of these processes protects your business systems from ever more frequent viruses, worms and other network-borne attacks.

We specialize in the following processes of Vulnerability Management

  • Create security policies & controls
  • Track inventory / categorize assets
  • Scan systems for vulnerabilities
  • Compare vulnerabilities against inventory
  • Classify risks
  • Pre-test patches
  • Apply patches
  • Re-scan and confirm fixes

Our professional services can automate most of these steps which will make it much easier for you to mitigate or remediate your risks and vulnerabilities.